JMap Java Port Scanner

JMap is a Java network port scanner, a security tool to identify open ports on any host or network subnet. It features the ability to scan every host in a given network segment for a range of ports or a specific service. Both TCP and UDP are supported.

JMap Screenshot

  • Platform: OS Independent
  • Version: 0.3.1
  • Download pre-compiled executable Jar
  • Download source code .tar.gz or .zip
  • Requires: Java 1.4

This application is designed to be used as a security tool, so as to identify potential vulnerabilities on the systems that the user is responsible for. I take no responsibility for any improper use.

Source code provided here is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

2 thoughts on “JMap Java Port Scanner

  1. Deepak Awasthi

    Hi,I am B.Tech pre-final yr student,found your project interesting ,could u plz tell me,
    how to start this one,how to break this into modules ???

  2. Tom Post author

    Hi Deepak,

    To run Jmap using just the .jar file:
    java -jar jmap.jar
    (or double-click on the jmap.jar) You will need the Java Runtime Environment installed.

    To compile you will need the Java Standard Development Kit:
    javac *.java
    jar -cvmf manifest.txt jmap.jar *.class ports.defs
    java JMapFE

    It’s been a while since I did any work on the project. It was written for Java 1.3 when I was a student, hope it may still be useful and apologies if the code quality isn’t what it should be – it was just a quick project for fun.

    If I remember correctly, the GUI is contained within the JavaFE class. Scanning is multi-threaded, with many hosts and many ports being scanned simultaneously. The results of each individual scan is passed to the main thread using the Observable mechanism.

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